Bronze Age Dartmoor comes to life at Postbridge Visitor Centre

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2019)

Anyone venturing onto Dartmoor this summer is being promised a voyage of discovery into the ancient past.

A new free exhibition at the Postbridge Visitor Centre features touch-screen games which allow people to uncover moorland secrets hidden for thousands of years.

Among the treasures waiting to be revealed are replicas of the stunning goods found in a Dartmoor Bronze Age grave.

Prehistoric designed clothing allows visitors to dress the part while beyond the centre’s doors a new History Hunter’s trail highlights some of the moor’s prehistoric sites, just a short stroll away.

The exhibition also boasts artefacts from Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum’s prehistoric collection, presented alongside replica bronze tools and weapons, graphic interpretations, models and audio-visual presentations.

‘Our new exhibition is really bringing Dartmoor’s past to life,’ said Visitor Services Manager Rebecca Martin.

‘The human experience of 4,000 years ago was quite different to that of today yet the clues of what life – and death – were like are all around us when we know how to look.

‘We’ll help you explore the stunning archaeology from Whitehorse Hill where the cremated remains of a young adult were buried almost 4,000 years ago.

‘The contents had been wrapped in a bear skin and the grave goods included more than 200 beads, probably from a necklace.

‘Wooden studs similar to the ear stretchers worn by some people today were also discovered, as was textile and leather, a flint tool, basketry and bracelet of woven cow hair.

‘Come to Postbridge and discover the fascinating story for yourself.’

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