Bullying Peer Support

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2015)

Dealing with the aftermath of some horrific Bullying and Cyber bullying cases has been one heck of an journey for me. My emotions have ranged from shock, disgust anger and sheer helpless and hopelessness.

There appears to be little support for these young victims. Some have been suicidal some have attempted suicide, many self harm. I have listened to their stories offered what I consider to be ‘ineffectual’ advice and supported as best I can.

So what more can be done? This question kept me awake at night. And then a light bulb moment after speaking to a man, who with others ran Cool Recovery.

We arranged for a few of these teens to meet up at a farm. The idea was to for them to realise they were not alone and no matter how isolated they felt the person beside them felt the same, went through similar and understood all the pain. A theatre Group gave their time to listen to these girls and act back their words. As strange as this sounds, it was extremely powerful.

The farm owner, an amazing generous lady gave her time to show these girls around. Horses, Sheep, Pigs, Miniature Ponies, Alpacas, Geese and Chickens. the girls petted the animals, collected eggs and hopefully enjoyed themselves in a very relaxed safe environment. A picnic was laid on….Picnic? Crikey……it was a feast! And then the offer was made that I could bring these girls up to the farm on a regular basis to groom the Miniature ponies, exercise them and generally ‘hang out’ .

I started a closed Face book Group as a way of these young teens keeping in touch with each other

Torbay Bullying Peer Support


To support victims of Bullying and Cyber Bullying. Only you know how you feel , only you understand what each other are going through. Bullying starts with peers, so can support There is strength and safety in numbers.

This group is affiliated to The Izzy Dix Anti Bullying Memorial Group https://www.facebook.com/IzzyDixAntiBullyingMemorialPage

I am hoping by supporting each other these young Torbay teens will be a successful pilot for a Nationwide network of Peer Support Groups .

More and more teens are victims of bullying.

It undermines confidence.  

It is destructive.

It ruins relationships.

We may be powerless to stop bullying but we can support each other where other agencies have failed.


By supporting each other and building a strong peer support network we may save someone’s life. At the very least you are no longer isolated. Each of you have shared horrific experiences. You are survivors. let’s help others survive too.

If you are a young teen affected by Bullying/Cyber Bullying and think this group may help you please get in touch via the Facebook Group or inbox me directly. https://www.facebook.com/sandy.skilton