Outrage at Christmas light campaigners Manchester comment

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2017)

Earlier we told you how an online fundraiser had been set up to try and raise £23000 to fund the Christmas lights in Torquay this year.

Since that article was published, a comment which the campaign organiser had posted on Facebook earlier in the week, has come to light.

Posting on Facebook, Susie Colley posted:
“Christmas is just around the corner, we must help the traders in the Town Centre have a brilliant Christmas which will bring a smile to everyone’s face especially the children.

“Let’s pull together and make it something special. Manchester have shown amazing community spirit let us show we can do the same.”

And the responses?

“Surely Christmas and 22 innocent people murdered do not come under the same community support,” Mike Bailey

“Unbelievable and so soon after the horrific week Manchester suffered!
How can you suggest Torquay’s Christmas lights can ride on the back of that???” Martyn Strange

“This is an appalling post. Let’s pull together to put some Christmas lights up just like Manchester have …around a terrorist murder of 22 people?” Lynda Wilde

The public post, still remains on Susie’s Facebook page, despite the comments which call it “insentivie”, “inappropriate” and “appalling”.

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You can find our earlier article about the fundraiser here: https://wearesouthdevon.com/torquay-christmas-lights/


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