COVID-19: Teignbridge Council supports County’s Prompt Action Fund

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Teignbridge District Council are giving £7,000 to a special Prompt Action Fund set up by Devon County Council as part of the response to COVID-19.

The money is part of £60,000 from Teignbridge’s 2019-20 unspent budget which has been switched to supporting a number of local COVID-19 response efforts.

The funds from Teignbridge (TDC) and other neighbouring districts will be used by the County Council to rapidly provide small amounts of grant funding to community-led schemes.

Examples are projects which identify or achieve the small but important things that can safely address some of the issues that are arising because of this Coronavirus outbreak. -These can include:

Safe deliveries of essential goods and services to those who are vulnerable, such as foods and medicines.

Support for accessing online information and services.

Virtual support groups to help people to stay connected and informed and to maintain and support mental health and wellbeing.

Transport related initiatives that support safe community responses to the outbreak.

Applications are accepted from constituted and not-for-private-profit Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector groups and organisations, Town and Parish Councils, charities or businesses, or a combination of such groups working together.

If you think your group might qualify for grant funding from this initiative, you can find out more and fill in an online application form at

The remainder of the £60,000 that TDC has clawed back from the financial year just ended will go towards supporting foodbanks (£20k); funding for CVS, Westbank and CAB (£20k shared); and providing assistance to the Meadow Centre, Buckland Community Centre and Chudleigh Youth Club (£13k).

Teignbridge councillors are currently looking at how it can provide more support in the coming financial year.

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