Crowdfunder launched to feed most vulnerable in Torbay

(Last Updated On: April 14, 2020)

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to pay for food for the most vulnerable in Torbay.

Twelve organisations have come together to form the Torbay Food Alliance to make sure no-one in the Bay goes hungry during the coronavirus crisis.

But because pressures on the supermarkets are already at an all-time high, donations to the foodbanks are dwindling whilst demand is doubling.

So far the Alliance has provided 300 parcels of groceries for people struggling to feed their families and have delivered more than 150 meals to some of the Bay’s most vulnerable.

A spokesperson for the Alliance said: “ Many more people are struggling to put food on the table and many cannot even afford the absolute basics.

“Some people have found themselves without money and with an empty food cupboard through no fault of their own and are relying on the generosity of others to get them through this difficult time.

“A healthy, balanced and nutritious diet is essential to keeping us all healthy and well, particularly during the current crisis.”

Donations to the Crowdfunder: and all gifts, no matter how small will go to provide food for families and individuals in Torbay.

If you are struggling to afford food and need support from Torbay Food Alliance, you can be referred through the Coronavirus helpline (01803 446022), Torbay Council call centre (01803 201201), or via a member of our health and social care teams.

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