Cyberbully: More than just a TV show

Did you watch channel 4’s cyberbully?
If you missed it you can view it on 4 OD for the next 26 days

Was this just a TV drama?

The scenario, taken from real life accounts, actually mirrors the cyber bullying both experienced and contributed to by teenagers in Torbay.

It starts with a few nasty comments on line, other people get involved- the pack mentality…
and then for want of a better word a ‘professional TROLL’ gets involved with devastating consequences for the ‘chosen’ victim.

The added twist to channel 4s drama was of course that the cyberbully became the ‘professional TROLLs’ victim.

No matter how awful the main character’s ordeal was let’s not lose face of the facts.

SHE was a cyber bully
SHE was in total denial
SHE accepted no responsibility

Her actions directly contributed to a young person committing suicide.

But wait……….what was her justification???
Oh yes.

“Everyone does it”,
“It’s f—ing nasty but it’s normal”

Do young people really think ‘it is normal’ or was this just hyped up for the drama?

Gabbi Dix was told by one of the young ‘ladies’ that bullied Izzy, and I quote:

“we didn’t think our silly jokes would come to this”,
(referring to Izzy taking her own life).



Remember your posts/words may be responsible for the victim feeling their life is worthless….
or worse.

Think about what you post on Social Media.

Should you be airing your argument with your friend on your public profile?

Do you think it is ok to ridicule someone’s appearance, boyfriend or family on your public profile?

A ‘professional’ Troll is able to glean this information and use it!

Do you really want any and everyone viewing your comments, your posts, your photos and your personal information?

Change your privacy settings.