Dog rescued from Spain missing in Devon

Otto was last seen in Buckfastleigh
(Last Updated On: January 8, 2016)

Update: Otto has been caught and is with his owners.

A dog rescued from Spain has gone missing in South Devon.

Otto was last sighted in Buckfastleigh, as yet, no one has been able to catch him due to him being very scared.

Otto was last seen in Buckfastleigh

Otto was last seen in Buckfastleigh

A family member has asked for anyone who sees Otto to contact 01822612172, 07979541942 or email

They explained that Otto has only just arrived in England from Spain, he was rescued after spending four years in a concrete kennel.

They added, “If you see Otto please don’t try to chase him, he will outrun you as he has been doing to people for over a week now. Try to temp him with food, keep low and try and get him to come to you. If you see him in your area leave food out for him. We are trying to keep him in one area so we can lay traps. When he is chased he is running further away as he so scared. He started in Tavistock and he is now in Buckfastleigh!”

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