Drive to increase recycling in Teignbridge

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2021)

A 10 point plan to further boost recycling rates within Teignbridge was approved this week as the council redoubles its efforts to encourage all residents to do as much as they can to reduce waste.

Although Teignbridge is in the top 25 of waste collection authorities nationally and third in the South West, members of the Executive voted unanimously to do more.

Top of the action list was to seek to change the behaviour of those who don’t recycle, seeking funding for new initiatives and for campaigns to make sure that people are aware of the recycling options as well as working as part of the Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee.

Executive member for Waste Management & Environmental Health Cllr Alistair Dewhurst highlighted the amount of material disposed of in the black residual waste bin, a third of which is food and garden waste, that can be recycled.

Residual bin split

The council will seek to increase recycling participation in new housing estates and other low participating areas, continue to provide community recycling banks and will work to further improve its systems and communication with residents. Additional recycling containers and garden waste bins can also be requested.

Two proposals will be considered in more detail – to remove the additional residual black bin policy or to increase the charge levied and to examine whether the side waste policy should be reduced to one a year or charged.

And there was also praise for the work of environmental wardens who are catching those breaking the rules and being given fixed penalty fines for flytipping or not picking up dog poo.

Cllr Alistair Dewhirst said: “I want people to be aware that if they go out and fly tip, and litter in our beautiful district they will end up with a fine. Our wardens have been levying fines – and for dog fouling – and it is a really important message. I don’t want people pilloried from the nearest lamp post but I do want them to understand that if they flytip in our district they will get caught.”

To report incidents of littering go to or for fly tipping.

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