Edgars Water slashes fuel bills while cutting instances of dangerous driving to zero

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(Last Updated On: February 24, 2020)

Edgars Water, one of the largest suppliers of hydration solutions in the UK, has announced the successful installation of Lightfoot’s award-winning in-cab technology across its fleet of 60 vans. Using Lightfoot’s unique driver rewards platform, Edgars Water has seen a significant drop in its fuel bills with an MPG uplift of 6.3%, a fall in vehicle idling by 4% and an end to instances of poor or dangerous driving.

The organisation, which delivers water to offices throughout the UK, brought Lightfoot onboard to meet its commitment to staff wellbeing at the same time as reducing its carbon footprint and production of harmful particulates linked to NOx. Combined with Lightfoot’s real-time driver guidance, Lightfoot has cut emissions across Edgars Water fleet by in excess of 6%.

Commenting on the difference Lightfoot has made to the way in which its drivers use their vehicles, Josh Burgess, Group Distribution Manager at Edgars Water, said: “Edgars’ focus is to ethically achieve sustainable growth through providing profitable and affordable solutions that meet our customer’s needs. How we do business is just as important as what we do. We aim to have a positive impact on all our staff and customers alike through the high value that we place on people and relationships. Being of like mind, Lightfoot was a natural match for us, helping Edgars to keep true to its principles whilst reducing our carbon footprint.”

Josh Burgess added: “Running a fleet of over 60 vehicles has its challenges. Keeping track of drivers is the simple element. Tracking and changing driver behaviour are where the serious management of our fleet takes place, and that’s where Lightfoot has been transformational.

“Thanks to Lightfoot, our drivers can see the positive change in their driver behaviour through the onboard assistance and verbal feedback that the device provides, including end of journey scores. Combined with the Lightfoot rewards package and our own inter-league, which runs between our Shoreham, Marden, Hook and fleet sites, we have seen a positive competition and a lift in our Elite Driver numbers, up from 16% – observed during the blind monitoring phase – to 95%.

“The results are undeniable and excellent. Our driver performance has improved hugely with a 100% reduction in dangerous driving. Added to fuel savings of 6.3%, Lightfoot has more than proven itself, creating a new breed of smoother, more mindful drivers virtually overnight.

“Our next step is to install Lightfoot into the remainder of the broader Edgars fleet, bringing the total number of vehicles fitted with the in-cab device, to in excess of 75.”

Martin Kadhim, Lightfoot Director, commented on the change that Lightfoot’s in-cab device and rewards platform has effected, saying: “Edgars Water’s ethical approach to business is a fundamental part of the fabric of its operation, which is why Josh and his team were so interested in working with us. Our in-cab technology helps the business stay true to its values, improving the wellbeing of its drivers at the same time as saving money on fuel, wear and tear, and repairs caused by accidents. It’s a win, win outcome for all concerned.”

Karen White, Fleet Underwriter, Allianz Insurance plc, which provides insurance for Edgars Water, said: “Allianz has worked with Lightfoot for over 4 years now. It’s great to see another client benefit from increased efficiency and safer driving through their driver reward technology.”

Lightfoot’s innovative in-cab driver feedback helps drivers achieve greater efficiency from their vehicles with fuel savings of up to 20%. It also reduces harmful emissions by 20%, at fault accidents by up to 40% and wears and tear costs by 45%. The pocket-sized dashboard display device uses live engine data to provide real-time visual and audible feedback to drivers, helping fleets improve efficiency and safety one mile at a time.

Lightfoot provides drivers with an app, giving users full insight into their performance and score, alongside access to exclusive competitions which drivers can opt in to enter as soon as they achieve Lightfoot’s ‘Elite Driver’ standard. In addition to the highly popular cash-prize Drivers’ Lottery, drivers can enter leagues for a range of other rewards that serve as an incentive to maintain a smoother driving style.

Considered revolutionary in the fleet management and telematics worlds, Lightfoot’s disruptive approach to reducing accidents has been adopted by some of the largest players in the market, including Virgin Media, Greencore, and South West Water.

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