Encounters Arts Project - Grandmothers


[From Encounters Arts Project]

‘Grandmothers’ is a new Encounters Arts project that invites grandmothers from Dartmouth, Totnes and Paignton to come together to share their experiences of being grandmothers as well as their hopes and fears for their grandchildren and the world they are inheriting. Experiences, ideas and thoughts coming from the group will be woven together to create a public performance event that will tour to the three towns in October.

Encounters is an arts organisation, based in Totnes, working nationally and internationally, that create’s imaginative spaces and processes for people to explore their relationship with themselves, each other, where they live and the natural world.

We are looking for grandmothers who at some point in their lives have been involved in any type of performance (singing/music/dance /drama/public speaking/poetry). Grandmothers from a wide range of backgrounds and different ages are welcome. Participants will spend a day together every three weeks from May 2015 – October 2015 moving between each other’s towns.

The project will be directed and facilitated by Encounters Creative Director Ruth Ben-Tovim herself a younger Grandmother and playwright Sarah Woods.

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England and there will be no costs to individuals taking part. Travel and lunch will be included. If you are interested in the project please contact Ruth by email or call 07870 698333.

For more information on Encounters go to www.encounters-arts.org.uk




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