Fly Tipping – Let’s all Work Together

(Last Updated On: September 20, 2016)

Following a spate of fly tips in the region, South Hams District Council are encouraging residents and businesses to think carefully about how they dispose of household and builder’s waste.

Fly tipping is a criminal activity which hugely impacts upon the environment and one which costs the Council, and local landowners, a significant amount of money to clean up. It is becoming more apparent that unscrupulous people are collecting waste from residents, who give it in good faith, and then fly tip it. This leaves the resident liable for prosecution by the Police if evidence of their belongings is found.

Household waste, including DIY material and electrical goods such as fridges, accounts for half of all fly tipped rubbish. South Hams District Council encourages householders to dispose of waste responsibly through reducing, reusing, recycling and composting waste, where possible.

You can dispose of your waste in a number of ways:

‘Normal’ household refuse and recycling should be placed out for collection the evening before, or by 7 a.m. on the morning of, your collection.

‘Bulky’ items and larger items of household waste can be disposed of in two ways:-

Take these items to your closest household waste recycling centre. These are run by Devon County Council. For further information contact DCC on 0345 1551010; or
Arrange for a bulky household waste collection. This service is operated by South Hams District Council and a small charge is made. Please visit the Council’s website for further details.

Take glass bottles and jars to your closest recycling bank. You can find recycling banks in some South Hams Car Parks. A full list of sites is available on the Council’s website.
Some residents call on contractors for removal of larger waste items. If you choose this option, please follow these simple checks to make sure your waste is disposed of correctly and not fly tipped out of sight.

Check that the contractor has a Waste Carrier’s Licence. You can do this on the Environment Agency web site at:

-Ask where they are going to take your waste
-Pay on presentation of an invoice which shows the waste carrier’s licence number and details where your waste was disposed.
-Ask for a receipt and keep it safe.
Unfortunately, if a fly tip includes items tracked back to yourself, you may be liable for legal action being taken against you and you could be fined. Make sure that doesn’t happen with these simple checks.

Help us to protect the environment and to keep our beautiful district perfect.

South Hams District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Commercial Services, Cllr Rufus Gilbert, said: “This situation is getting worse and as a council, we can’t keep spending huge amounts of money clearing up after irresponsible residents and businesses. We need everyone to play their part and help to stop fly tipping in our countryside.”


Team account for We Are South Devon.