Friday 13th Ghost Hunt at Torquay Museum

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2015)

Join the Real Investigators of the Paranormal on a spine-chilling ghost hunting night at Torquay Museum – on Friday 13th November, of all nights. During the last highly eventful paranormal evening at the Museum, fingerprints were discovered on the inside of a mummy case which hadn’t been opened in more than seven years.

If you are fascinated by the paranormal, then now is your chance to explore the ghostly side of one of Torquay’s most iconic buildings, led by the highly experienced local group, Real Investigators of the Paranormal, who will use a wide range of techniques to communicate with the spirit world.

“We have had some fascinating results from recent Paranormal Experience evenings,” said Torquay Museum’s Carl Smith. “These have included an amazing photo of what appears to be a female ghost (photo attached), and then the discovery of fingerprints on the inside of the Museum’s mummy case which not only hadn’t been opened in more than seven years but couldn’t be opened without keys and at least six adults lifting the heavy glass cover off the case. The media response to these incidents has been incredible, with press and internet articles in publications as far afield as Australia and the USA. Since then we have been inundated with requests for more ghost hunt events.”

Ghost hunt participants at Torquay Museum can learn how the experts investigate the paranormal, get trained in ghost-hunting techniques, and hear about the supernatural encounters experienced by members of the Real Investigators of the Paranormal during some of the dozens of investigations they have conducted across Devon. Then they can explore the Museum in the dead of night and try to make contact with whatever walks its corridors after dark.

“Torquay Museum is housed in a beautiful Victorian building with a rich history and tales of paranormal activity,” said Chris Marshall of Real Investigators of the Paranormal. “The Museum has played host to famous figures over the past 150 years, is home to Devon’s only human mummy, and has extensive collections of ancient and unusual objects from across the globe. This makes it a fascinating prospect to investigate.”

Tickets for the Paranormal Experience at Torquay Museum, on Friday 13th November from 8pm – 2pm, are £22 including tea, coffee and biscuits. Booking in advance is essential as places are very limited, so please contact Torquay Museum on 01803 293975 to reserve your place.



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