Full Fibre arrives in Moorhaven

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2020)

On the 18th of February, a brand-new fibre optic network went live across the rural village of Moorhaven, providing residents with future-proofed, high-quality and ultrafast broadband connections of up to 1Gpbs – at least 30 times faster than they could previously access.

The new network, installed by local telecommunications company Full Fibre Limited, will provide a transformative range of benefits for the residents of the quaint, rural village. This investment by Full Fibre Limited will facilitate better remote working opportunities and enhanced access to online services and digital media, including television, voice and data. Residents will also benefit from improved live streaming and faster downloads of digital content, along with a potential increase in property values.

Across the UK, residents and businesses are switching to fibre optic broadband to support their increased need for an efficient and seamless internet connection. A full fibre network deploys fibre optic cables directly to each premise (FTTP), offering a superior connection to the traditional solutions delivered over an ageing telephone line. A fully fibre optic broadband connection can offer speeds in excess of 1Gpbs, so is regarded as the quickest and most reliable broadband technology on offer.

“I am delighted to learn about the new Broadband service being made available for the people of Moorhaven and congratulate the company Full Fibre on the work it is doing. Access to superfast broadband is now becoming an essential ingredient in modern living and companies like Full Fibre are helping to make this a reality.” – Sir Gary Streeter, MP.

“Access to reliable, ultrafast broadband can be transformative for any community, particularly rural communities. This investment by Full Fibre ensures that the residents of Moorhaven and the communities around them, have access to the highest quality connectivity at an affordable price, unlocking fairer access to key services. Better access to educational services, non-interrupted access to online resources, better remote working opportunities and superior streaming, gaming and communication all rely on this dramatically improved connectivity.” – Oliver Helm, Managing Director of Full Fibre Limited.

“Moorhaven will now be the envy of all the surrounding rural communities” – Tom Holway, District Councillor.

Currently, only around 10% of UK households can receive a fibre optic connection. Full Fibre Limited is helping to grow this coverage, providing quality broadband access to a range of homes and businesses, through continuing to invest in new broadband infrastructure across the country.

Full Fibre Limited, a service business for the telecommunications sector, was founded in 2017 to support the UK’s increasing demand for high bandwidth services with a full fibre network. The company operates as a wholesale platform providing competitive market choice for the consumer. Based in Exeter but with infrastructures across Devon, Herefordshire and Shropshire, Full Fibre Limited is providing high-quality and seamless broadband connections to an array of communities and businesses.

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