Green Star Man returns and he has more stars!

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2015)

A year ago today, we found out the reason behind the Green Stars that had appeared across Torbay.

For 15 days, they appeared. We were told: “Bright Green Stars for 15 days, but why the colour, why the shape and why is it in the bay?”

And then, on the 9th July 2o14, we were told the story of Lottie (now 4) and how she had become the youngest baby in the world to have a liver transplant. She was just 15 days old.

So, that was why 15 was so significant – The colour green is used for awareness for organ donation and the stars to represent organ donors, past, present and future and their families.

Lottie’s parents, Chris and Julie Bryon-Edmond wanted to raise awareness… and that they did! Everyone was talking about Green Star Man!

Just months later, in October, tragedy struck, very sadly Julie’s son Daniel passed away following a car accident. Daniel saved 6 live from his organ donation.

Bravely the family continued to raise awareness, particularly over Christmas, when ’15 days of Christmas’ was released as a single.

Things went quiet for a while but Green Star Man is back and he is as bright as ever!

So, keep an eye out for him. Yesterday he was spotted in a lorry…

"It's a heavy load 6920 Bright Green Stars so we persuaded a local company to help out" Green Star Man

“It’s a heavy load 6920 Bright Green Stars so we persuaded a local company to help out” Green Star Man

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