Guest Blog: The day of reckoning is upon us (Susie Colley)

Susie Colley
(Last Updated On: May 7, 2015)

Good Evening Everyone,

The day of reckoning is upon us and it’s time to let democracy take its course in deciding not only the future of our national leadership, but our new Mayor as well.

I voted with pride, this morning, secure in the knowledge that whatever happens in the next few days, we are lucky indeed, to have the freedom to make our own choices.

I could not be more grateful to my fantastic team and all my wonderful supporters for your belief in me during this campaign.

As I have worked in my Community for nearly 20 years, I think I know that people here, by and large, have appreciated my efforts to help in every way that I can.  Whether I am elected Mayor today or not, my support for you all will still continue.

It has been an interesting journey, and one that was made even more difficult when I discovered I had to have emergency surgery on my knee on 21st February.  However, I made it to all the Hustings, albeit on crutches, for the first one!  I’ve met countless people every day whilst walking the dogs and have even been able to solve a few problems for people during the campaign.  On Monday I attended a charity even to help raise money for a fantastic cause and allowed me to meet hundreds of lovely families out for the day to support the charity.

I promised from the start to be Open, Accountable and deliver Results.  This will be my starting point.

If I am Mayor tomorrow, expect to see more honesty from the Town Hall as I look into our accounts, and publish them.  I’ll make sure decisions are open and I’ll account for our actions.

During my campaign, I personally took time to listen and respond to your concerns.  Whilst my workload would increase drastically in the short term, I still intend to run a Council with the same ethos.  You will be listened to.  I will explain my decisions and you will know how your money is being spent.

I’d like to leave you with a reminder of a part of my Manifesto.  That is, that I believe being Mayor is a privilege – not a right – and, if elected, I intend to work with that in mind, always.



Team account for We Are South Devon.