Guest Blog: Your vote, your voice (Martin Brook)

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2015)

To stand and run for Mayor is not something to take lightly! Politicians generally are mistrusted and it’s fair to say many promise the earth and proceed to break them during their term in office.

I live in Torbay, I run a business in Torbay and my children have or are growing up in Torbay.

I am running as an independent to stand up for democracy. I won’t be the front person for a political party, constrained by towing the party line.

I want to unite Torbay and overcome the problems we’re facing so that The Bay can thrive again!

The biggest issue we face is managing the £45 million pounds of cuts over the next 4 years. I have spent nearly 30 years in financial management and problem solving. In Torbay I instigated the Plainmoor Pool rescue plan. 3 weeks before closure I was asked to help and after analysing the problems I designed a solution that ultimately kept the pool open.

It is this kind of financial management, problem solving and decision making that I bring to the table.

Above all as an independent candidate I pledge to put your views as residents and business owners first and foremost!

We are a couple of days away from making potential political history in Torbay. Your vote really can be your voice!

To read more about my policies you can visit or on Facebook Better Torbay



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