Have a name added to cat litter tray for Valentines day

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2022)

A local animal charity is offering people the opportunity to have somebody’s name written inside a cat’s litter tray for a £5 donation.

The trays will then be used on Valentines day. Perfect (or should that be purrfect?) for a cheating ex perhaps?

Hector’s House posted on Facebook: “Does the thought of Valentine’s Day fill you with dread?
Sick of the presumption that a bunch of overpriced flowers makes up for a year of being thoughtless?
Don’t fancy being squashed together in a restaurant trying to double their covers (and profits) for one night?
Never fear!
We can give you a much better treat!
For just a £5 donation via our online shop, we will write the name of your cheating partner/nemesis/general fraudster, on one of our litter trays, ready for use on the day itself!
All money raised will be used towards our fund to install proper electric in to the pens!
Please write the name in the ‘Additional Information’ section💞 ❤ First names ONLY!!!”

To donate and add a name, go to

Photo: Facebook/HectorsHouse

The fundraiser, launched earlier this week, has already had a number of names added. A popular choice being Kurt Zouma (the first name rule only being an exception in his case) The footballer was filmed kicking a cat, now his name will be pooed on by one (or many). Great choice and £5 for a worthy cause.

For more information on the charity, you can visit their website www.hectorshousecatrescue.co.uk

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