Heartbreaking short Christmas film takes internet by storm

Phil Beastall Youtube
(Last Updated On: November 23, 2018)

A short Christmas film, made for just £50 has taken the internet by storm and has had calls to become the next John Lewis Christmas advert.

The short film, reported to have been made for just £50, has had over 6 million views on Facebook alone.

The film see’s the lead up to Christmas, with a man counting down the days until he can listen to the final tape recording from his mother who recalls his birth as the “happiest day of her life”.

The film ends with the message: “Love is a gift that lasts forever. Merry Christmas.”

The short film was made 4 years ago and shared again by Film maker Phil Beastall from Gloucestershire at the weekend.

Phil said on his page: “Wow 5000 likes of my page. On Sunday I had around 150 ?. This is without a doubt the highlight of my career so far. I can still remember when I made Love is Gift. It was just Chris and I. No bells and whistles. Just a simple concept I came up with whilst on a run. I wanted to create something that resonated with people, so they would look around them off the back of this and appreciate what they have. Social media is the devil when it comes to promoting the idea that the ‘grass is greener’ when mostly…it really isn’t. Anyway, it’s 4 years on. I was up early on the Sunday and decided to share the film again…and the rest is history,”

There have been thousands of comments on the social media, here are just some:
-“Absolutely beautiful! I lost my darling son age 29 and this is what my Christmas is about – Love and Memories. Thank you.”
-“Watching it broke my heart and made my day all at the same time. A beautiful thing you have created.”
-“Certainly hits home! Very touching!”
-“It gives the meaning of Christmas what a lot of people have forgot,”
-“It’s over. The Festive Feel competition is done. Take the prize and take all of my tears.”

I’ve watched this twice, my eyes are still blurry from crying.

Phil Beastall, what a gift you have given people with this film!

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