Hector's House monthly news roundup

(Last Updated On: November 10, 2021)

Its been a busy time for the volunteers at Hector’s House, a local cat charity who specialise in stray and feral rescue.

With summer over, it should be time to take a breather following the kitten influx but there is no time to relax just yet…

With more cats and kittens arriving, many needing urgent medical care – bills are mounting and volunteers are working hard as cat pens and foster placements fill.

This week, they were notified of cat in a very poorly state. Safely captured – he went off to the vets. The injuries included a jaw, broken in two places, infections and fly eggs embedded in his fur and skin. Newly named “Lazarus” remains at the vets following surgery and is on antibiotics. The volunteer who found him, who has 30 years experience in cat rescue said: “This is the worst I have ever seen.”


The summer saw around 100 kittens come into the care of Hector’s House, with the majority going into community foster care placements after their initial stay at Hector’s House which saw them deflead, wormed and vet checked.

From newborns with mums to young kittens found alone in feral colonies.. all needed the right placement to thrive before finding permanent, loving homes.

Fitz and Cola

Meet Fitz and Cola:
Both born in the wild and therefore feral. Cola was found at Feniton along with many other feral kittens and Fitz was found on a housing estate. Both kittens are quiet and nervous but equally, they both love to play! Give them a ball and they’re off! Fitz can be hand shy and jumpy but he loves treats and this has been a great way to build trust. They have an amazing bond and are still looking for their forever home together which will need to be a patient, understanding family with no young children or dogs.


Meet Nigel:
Nigel was a long-term abandoned unneutered tom cat, who was brought to Hector’s House when his fur was so terribly matted that it had formed a ‘pelt’, pulling painfully on his skin. He also had several nasty abscesses, was anaemic, covered in fleas and ticks. He was completely shaved to remove his mats and various treatments to restore him to health. He’s been looking for his forever home for months. If you’d like a loving addition to your life, please consider offering Nigel a forever home.

All cats and kittens are neutured before they’re adopted, they’re also microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worming programmes.

Would you like to help? Hector’s House relies on community support. From fundraising to volunteer foster placements and volunteers to help in the pens. To get involved contact hectorshouse2020@gmail.com

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If you are able to offer Nigel or Fitz and Cola – or any other kittens or cats a permanent home (adoption fee applies) please email hectorshouse2020@gmail.com with your name, address, telephone number, written permission from your landlord allowing pets on the property, if applicable, and a brief summary of your household. Hectors House will then get in touch with you to arrange a home-check.

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