Hospices urgent appeal reaches £585,000 target

Rowcroft staff in the grounds outside the Inpatient Unit in Torquay
(Last Updated On: May 11, 2017)

Well-loved local charity, Rowcroft Hospice, has announced that it has reached and exceeded its £585,000 urgent appeal target.

Thanks to the efforts and generosity of the local community, the hospice’s urgent appeal has raised an incredible £605,000.

Last July, Rowcroft announced it was struggling to maintain current levels of care to local families due to an increase in demand for its services and a shortfall in legacy income. As a result, to avoid closure, the hospice had little option but to make substantial cuts to its services and to launch an urgent fundraising appeal.

Rowcroft Chief Executive, Mark Hawkins said: “I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all who have supported us. Thanks to you we have exceeded our target of raising £585,000 in extra income in 2016/17. This helps to stabilise our finances and removes the immediate threat of closure. The focus is now on increasing income while keeping a tight control on costs, to further improve the hospice’s financial stability. We are optimistic about the future but still need the support of the community more than ever.”

Since making the announcement, the hospice has received over £600,000 through one-off donations, lottery memberships and regular monthly donations. Over £300,000 of this has been raised by the local community who have rallied organising coffee mornings, cake sales, craft fairs, auctions and more. And over £70,000 has come from people who have set up regular monthly donations to the hospice.

Rachael Bryett, Fundraising Manager said: The local community has responded to our call for support over the last year in so many amazing ways. People have donated money, goods and time, raised funds, run marathons, jumped off cranes, made countless cakes and cups of tea, got covered in paint and even rowed across the Atlantic! We are just in awe and so grateful to each and every one of our amazing supporters.”

Whilst the Urgent Appeal was focussed on raising vital income to secure the hospice’s immediate future, Rowcroft needs the community’s support in the long term to ensure the provision of services for future generations of local people.

Mark said: “This is not where the story ends. After a year in which the hospice came close to closing, the continued support of our local community will be crucial over the coming months and years to ensure the hospice is here for future generations.”

Despite the reduction in services, Rowcroft will still care for over 2,000 patients and their families this year, providing care and support both at the hospice and out in the community.

Every year it costs Rowcroft well in excess of £8m to provide its services, and of this almost three-quarters is funded through donations and gifts in Wills. The South Devon charity’s key focus is now to develop new income streams.

Mark continued: “We need to ensure we have a secure and sustainable future; one where we are more in control of our own destiny and where we can weather any storm.  We are working to a five year plan to improve the financial stability of the hospice. Once greater financial security is achieved, we will be able to increase patient numbers and the breadth of care once more.”

 More information about how to support the hospice’s services can be found at www.rowcrofthospice.org.uk.


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