Inspiration from vaccination – the Devon nurse reassuring his patients in verse

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(Last Updated On: March 4, 2021)

Country star Dolly Parton is urging people to have a covid vaccination with an adaptation of her hit Jolene, but Dolly isn’t the only person to find artistic inspiration in the vaccine.

Nurse Chris Gibson, who works at the vaccination centre at Sherborne House newton Abbot, has written a poem to reassure patients.

“We see the people behind the statistics. Everybody has a story to tell,” said Chris, who has worked for the NHS for over 40 years.

“People come, we see them in a queue and then they come to the table and they tell us things; personal things, sad things, happy things. In two minutes you can learn a lot about a person.”

Chris, 67, has been using his nursing experience to offer reassurance.

“I can use what knowledge I’ve got to put people at ease. I’m not phased by whatever they tell me.”

Chris nursed Covid patients in Leeds during the first wave of the pandemic, before moving to Newton Abbot in October to be closer to family.

He joined the vaccination team at Sherborne House after seeing an advert in the local paper. “I thought I should apply; I can’t really ignore what’s going on. Being a vaccinator nurse has turned out very well. I feel part of a good conscientious team.”

Chris’s poem talks of celebration, sharing, loneliness, loss and potential anxiety about the jab. He finishes with the words, “Vaccination IS protection, what do you choose to believe?”

Thoughts of a vaccinator nurse (by Christopher Gibson)

Sitting at my table, I see you,

Forming an orderly queue, that’s what we all do,

You present yourself,

Brightly dressed, you’ve made an effort, it’s a day out,

After months of isolation,

Sometimes there’s perfume in the air,

It’s a celebration, to come for a vaccination

You sit at my table and tell your story,

You’re been married many years,

You’ve lost your loved one,

Not seen grandchildren, you’ve shed many tears,

You’ve been alone in these pandemic months, now years,

You have COPD, leukaemia, cerebral palsy, had cardiac surgery,

Hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy,
You’ve had a splenectomy, you’re immunosuppressed,

With the false information out there you’re stressed,

Different lies every day,

“The jab is a tracking device”,

“It’ll make you sterile”,

“it’ll change your DNA”,

While Covid 19 waits with open arms to disable and kill,

Over 100,000 families grieve,

Vaccination IS protection, what do you choose to believe?

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