Introducing Independent candidate Paul Moor

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2019)

Occassionally in life, you find that things that are supposed to work, just stop working, for no real reason. Most of the time we just deal with it, or ignore it and move on. But when the things that have stopped working are DEMOCRACY and FREE SPEECH, I take offence. I look for who is responsible and who will try and put it right.

The smug political party system of hidden vested interests is responsible. A Representative Democracy that has ceased to represent the electorate. Who will put it right?… it can only be the people, putting themselves forward and reclaiming democracy back FOR THE PEOPLE. But this isn’t some 1917 slogan or a 1960 Labour pale immitation of such.

This is you and me, ordinary people, standing up when those that should be standing up for us are sleeping on the job…. WE cannot win here if we allow political parties to tell us they are the only choice and anything else is a wasted vote. The only wasted vote is one were YOU are persuaded into voting for something you don’t really want. It is your vote, it is your choice, every vote counts…..

What is a Local Councillor?… It is someone who will listen to what the people want, and this differs from door to door. It is someone who doesn’t come in with an agenda of personal gain. It is someone who has ideals but will compromise for the good of the people. It is a representative who will engage with the people.

Ask me anything you want here or visit my facebook page PAUL MOOR. FIERCELY INDEPENDENT.

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