Knitted penguins flock to Living Coasts

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2019)

Torquay’s coastal zoo is now home to every species of penguin – in knitted form.

These photos – marking World Penguin Day, Thursday 25th April – show Living Coasts educator Rhyanna Monteiro with the woolly wonders.

They were knitted by Living Coasts Penguin Patroller Jane Walker. There’s one of each species – that’s eighteen in all. The attention to detail in figures that are barely 10 centimetres tall is remarkable, with crests of different styles on some and spotty patterns on the bellies of others.

Jane is a bit of a penguin fan; she’s seen all but three species of penguin in the wild and her job means being with the free-ranging penguins at Living Coasts all day long, making sure both penguins and guests enjoy life.

Why did she knit them? It’s very simple. “Because I love penguins!” It took her about two or three hours to knit each one, on average. There are two actual species of penguin at Living Coasts – African and macaroni. What they make of their woolly friends has not been recorded. But the English Riviera is clearly a good place for penguins…

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