Latest: Mambo, Tiger Bills and Burgerfest 'negotiations' taking place

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2016)
The future of Mambo, Burgerfest and Tiger Bills is still unknown but news has now broke that a new limited company has been formed to try and save them.News broke last week that the Lifestyle Hospitality Group owned businesses were closing.
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Local media reported that the ‘new owners’ had said they’d be re opening this week.

Seems not. So what is happening?

A statement released on Spotted Torquay said:
“Harbourside Entertainment LTD has been formed to try and save the whole of the Lifestyle bar chain, contrary to recent media speculation, the whole group of bars are not reopening this week.

“Primarily the first cause of action was to stabilise the Apple and Parrot pub, this has been done with the appointment of a new manager, chosen due to the relationship in place already between the new company directors, Ashley Sims and Keith Byron and in no way a reflection of the previous managers capability to do the job.

“Each day negotiations are taking place to incorporate Mambos, Burgerfest and Tiger Bills to put those outlets into the “safe zone”. More news tomorrow,”

We will find out more about the outcome of those negotiations tomorrow. Keep your eyes on Spotted Torquay.


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