New Recycling Support Coordinators as part of drive to increase recycling rates in Torbay

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)

As part of Torbay Council’s ongoing drive to increase recycling rates and reduce its carbon footprint, three new Recycling Support Coordinators have been appointed.

The Council recently approved its new Resource and Waste Strategy which aims to increase recycling rates in Torbay from 40% to around 50% over the next three years and reduce Torbay’s carbon footprint.

In addition to the Strategy, Torbay is signed up to the Devon Climate Emergency and becoming a Carbon Neutral Council and working with others to create a carbon neutral community is a key priority in the Council’s Community and Corporate Plan.

The Recycling Support Coordinators – Alastair, Owen and Rob – are employed by SWISCo who deliver waste and recycling services on behalf of Torbay Council. They joined earlier this year as part of the Council’s commitment to increasing education, engagement and communication about recycling with residents.

Councillor Mike Morey, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Culture for Torbay Council said: “We’re very pleased to welcome our new Recycling Support Coordinators to Torbay as part of a range of measures to help residents recycle more.

“We know there is a lot of work to do around increasing recycling rates, for example around 20% of the contents of people’s non-recyclable waste bins in Torbay is food waste – which could have gone in their food waste bin and saved space in their wheeled bins – as well as being used to make compost to generate electricity at a local facility in Devon.”

Rob said: “Working for Torbay Council to assist in improving recycling rates gives me great satisfaction as almost all of our recycling is sent to be made into new products here in the UK – many councils can’t say that!”

Owen said: “So far, people have responded really positively to this sort of information and it’s very clear that Torbay residents care about the environment so I’m extremely positive we can increase recycling rates by at least 10% over the next couple of years.”

Alastair said: “It’s been great meeting residents and I’m looking forward to be able to have more interactions as covid restrictions gradually lift.”

The new team will respond to residents who have asked for additional support with what to put in each box, (Initially over the phone or email but eventually face to face when COVID restrictions are lifted), deliver requested food waste caddies and recycling bins, and develop new recycling information materials.

The Council is working with SWISCo to improve access to recycling information in print, online and via social media – look out for Council Tax information coming through your door soon as that will include a pull out section on recycling.

Find out more about recycling here at

The Recycling Coordinators can be contacted at 01803 701316 or by emailing

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