NHS urges people not to contact their GP practice about a vaccination

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(Last Updated On: February 27, 2021)

The NHS is urging people who have received a letter from the National Booking System not to contact their GP practice about a vaccination.

Dr Alex Degan, a GP in Devon and Medical Director for Primary Care said: “Anyone who has received a letter from the National Booking System inviting them to book an appointment should use the website or 119 (free, 7am-11pm, seven days a week) to book an appointment.

“Please don’t contact your GP practice about a vaccination.

“Practices are reporting a significant number of calls which are preventing people who need medical help getting through to the practice.

“It also slows down the vaccination programme as it makes it harder to book appointments for people in priority groups.

“There are several locations for vaccination – appointments are regularly added so if there are not any available, keep checking the website for availability in coming weeks.”

GP practices are currently vaccinating people aged 65 and over, or those aged 16-64 with underlying health conditions.

Practices are not yet focussing their efforts on inviting people under 65 without underlying health issues for vaccination and are therefore asking people not to contact them about an appointment.

When practices move to vaccinate people under 65, they will contact them.

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One Comment

  1. IF the housebound people were able to get the Vaccine jab, then they would not need to keep bugging the doctor.

    81 year old, house bound person has been waiting for three weeks, with three doctors, from the same practice, and still no one comes to vaccinate them.

    Where else do you go, when there is no local number to contact anyone from the Local vaccine place?

    All 901 tell you is go 25 to 20 miles away, but how can they, when they are house bound???????????????

    Wake up and sort this mess out before the over 70's get the virus instead of the vaccine!!!!!!