'No excuses' police campaign cracks down on fatal five


An operation to catch people in breach of the ‘fatal five’ driving offences has been hailed a success.

Over 100 people were found to be in breach of one or more of the following driving offences – mobile phone use, not wearing a seat belt, excessive speed, careless driving and drink/drug driving, during the operation which ran from 24th-25th March.

The multi-agency operation, linked with Plymouth CityBus, saw officers travel around Plymouth in a covert manner on a double decker bus in order to observe drivers breaking the law. Officers then contacted traffic officers in marked and unmarked vehicles who then stopped the offending vehicles.

PC Andy Llewellyn from Devon and Cornwall Police said, “We are extremely pleased with the results of this campaign.  We did not anticipate it would be quite so effective and would capture people’s imagination the way it has.

“We wanted to educate people about the fatal five as these are the most common causes of serious and fatal collisions.

“We hope that this campaign has helped raise awareness and people realise that their actions could have consequences more serious than being stopped and fined by a police officer.”


Team account for We Are South Devon.