Over 1000 homes affected by power cut in Torquay


Over 1000 properties in Torquay are currently without electricity this evening, Sunday 3rd May.

Western Power Distribution have stated that they estimate the problem will be resolved by 9.30pm

The first report of a power outage was 08:11pm.

This is a high voltage incident affecting 1065 properties in the TQ1 and TQ2 area.

The postcodes affected are:
TQ1 4HQ, TQ1 4HP, TQ2 5SE, TQ2 5QZ,
TQ2 5SD, TQ1 4UT, TQ2 5QX, TQ1 4HF,
TQ2 5AA, TQ2 5SF, TQ1 4HH, TQ2 5BW,
TQ2 5RY, TQ1 4FD, TQ2 5AB, TQ1 4EA,
TQ2 5QU, TQ1 4EW, TQ2 5SG, TQ1 4EY,
TQ2 5AJ, TQ1 4EF, TQ1 4EG, TQ2 5SN,
TQ2 5QY, TQ1 4EN, TQ2 5BP, TQ1 4FF,
TQ2 5YB, TQ1 4ET, TQ1 4DZ, TQ1 4AG,
TQ1 4EJ, TQ2 5AF, TQ2 5BU, TQ2 5BT,
TQ1 4EU, TQ1 4AE, TQ1 4EP, TQ1 4ES,
TQ2 5BJ, TQ2 5QL, TQ2 5ER, TQ2 5AE,
TQ2 5QS, TQ1 4EL, TQ2 5EP, TQ1 4EH,
TQ2 5SL, TQ2 5BS, TQ1 4ER, TQ1 4EQ,
TQ1 4DB, TQ2 5RZ, TQ2 5QT, TQ2 5SQ,
TQ2 5AD, TQ2 5AH, TQ1 4FH, TQ2 5SB,
TQ2 5BY, TQ1 4UP, TQ1 4EB, TQ2 5SA,
TQ2 5HZ, TQ1 4EE

For more information, click here to go to Western Power’s website.

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