Over 800 homes affected by powercut in Torquay

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2022)

817 homes are currently affected by a powercut in the TQ1 area of Torquay this morning, Saturday 9 July.

Western Power Distribution have stated the issue should be resolved by 10.30am.

The first report of a power outage was this morning at around 9am.

The following postcodes are affected: TQ1 4AF, TQ1 4AL, TQ1 4BG, TQ1 3JL, TQ1 4AG, TQ1 4JR, TQ1 4AJ, TQ1 4AN, TQ1 4AH, TQ1 4DD, TQ1 4AE, TQ1 3ET, TQ1 4JP, TQ1 4DP, TQ1 4DU, TQ1 4JT, TQ1 4DY, TQ1 4JS, TQ1 4DX, TQ1 4EB, TQ2 7NP, TQ1 4AA, TQ1 4DW, TQ1 4JU, TQ1 4EE, TQ1 4DS, TQ2 7NS, TQ14DB, TQ1 4DJ, TQ1 4DH, TQ1 4DT, TQ1 4BZ, TQ1 4FB, TQ1 4ED, TQ1 4AD, TQ1 4AT, TQ1 4FU, TQ1 4DL, TQ2 7NU, TQ1 3EW, TQ1 4BY, TQ1 4EH, TQ1 4JY, TQ1 4DE, TQ1 4AR, TQ1 4BB, TQ1 4AB, TQ1 4DN, TQ1 4AZ, TQ2 7NR.

Incident number INCD-29581-q

Click here for updates from Western Power

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