Palm oil warning for dog walkers in Torbay

Example of how it may look
(Last Updated On: February 12, 2015)

A veterinary practice has issued a warning about palm oil being found on a Torbay beach.

Silverton veterinary practice, posted the warning social media today after they’d received reports of palm oil at Elberry Cove:

“Its just been reported that there is Palm Oil at Elberry Cove in Paignton so please be aware when walking your dogs.

“If you have any concerns or if you have spotted Palm Oil anywhere else then please let us know. Thankyou,”

Palm oil is grown all over the world and is used in food, soaps, shampoos and biofuels. It is not dangerous to humans but can be to dogs.

Recent reports suggest the oil becomes glue-like when dogs eat it and it gets lodged throughout their body and leads to difficulty breathing.

The high toxin count also has damaging effects on the dog’s health and leads to vomiting and diarrhoea.

Example of how it may look

Example of how it may look

Palm oil cultivation has been criticized for impacts on the natural environment, including deforestation, loss of natural habitats, which has threatened critically endangered species such as the Orangutan and Sumatran tiger.

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