Police plan to 'prevent and disrupt' illegal raves this weekend

police helicopter

Operation Derig begins tomorrow which plans to prevent and disrupt any illegal rave activity across the two counties over the Easter holiday.

Devon and Cornwall Police will patrol potential areas that are at risk of illegal gatherings. In previous years, there have been problems encountered on Dartmoor.

Police say that illegal raves divert valuable resources away from regular policing and has a damaging impact on the affected communities and the local environment.

Operation Derig is an intelligence-led operation which builds on a successful series of similar operations throughout 2014. The Force has spent considerable time engaging with local communities which have been previously affected by illegal gatherings.

In addition, partner agencies including the National Park, Forestry Commission, Environmental Health, and Southwest Lakes Trust have shared information to help prevent recurrence of raves.

Inspector Tanya MacKenzie-Clarke said: “Safety regulations used at all public events were introduced to ensure safety of those attending, yet illegal raves do not follow any guidance.

“These types of unregulated events are not only dangerous to those attending but cause disruption to people who live nearby.

“We have seen incidents where people have got lost in poor weather in very remote areas and come to harm as well as people suffering medical episodes and needing medical attention – yet due to terrain and the poor management of the rave site it is extremely difficult for police and other emergency services to respond.

“We will take positive action regarding criminal activity and identify and target organisers. We can seize any equipment associated with the activity and take positive action against those suspected of offences such as drink driving and drug possession.

“We also appeal to members of the public to keep us informed to help disrupt any illegal raves as early intervention is key; accurate and timely information can allow us to close down an event before it has even started.”


Team account for We Are South Devon.