Video: Police interview about seized dog Stella


Devon and Cornwall police have today released a video statement on YouTube regarding ‘dangerous’ dog Stella.

The video statement, featuring Chief Superintendent Jim Nye, was uploaded to Youtube in response to media reports of the seized dog.

Stella was seized in 2014 and a destruction order was passed by Torquay Magistrates’ Court on 8 February.

Stella has remained in a cage, which BBC reports claim to be 3ft by 9ft. Stella has not not been walked whilst held at the kennels as she was deemed too ‘dangerous and unpredictable.

In the interview, Chief Superintendent Jim Nye says “The district judge declared that the owner of Stella is not a fit or proper person to own this dog. He has over 40 previous convictions for separate offences. Also, on top of that, the judge ruled that Stella poses a risk to public safety,”

He added “The owner of Stella has now launched a late appeal against the destruction order against Stella. Therefore, Stella will remain in kennels until the outcome of the appeal is known.”

For yesterday’s statement by police and the BBC video of Stella, see:

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