Police to disperse drug takers and beggars from Torquay town

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2017)

Update: Five dispersal notices issued and two people arrested: https://wearesouthdevon.com/dispersal-notices-issued-in-torquay-in-anti-social-behavior-crack-down/

Police in Torquay have announced this morning that a Section 35 Dispersal authority under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Police Act is in place for Torquay from 7am today, 24th August until 5pm tomorrow, 25th August.
The police have recently stated that they are aware of the issues in Torquay involving people taking psychoactive substances and collapsing in the street (more here). There have also been complaints about begging and anti-social behaviour in the town.

Posting on Facebook this morning, Torquay Police said about the dispersal authority:

“This gives officers in uniform the power to disperse anyone engaging in crime and anti-social behavior from the area marked in red on the map shown until 1700hrs tomorrow. This authority will be reviewed, and if necessary renewed for the weekend from 1700hrs tomorrow.

“The activity included in this covers everything that is crime including begging, drug use and anti-social behaviour, so if you are witness to any of these please call us so officers can respond.

“As we said very recently, this is NOT about targeting the homeless, this is about dealing with those persistent professional criminals who take advantage of the public and the drug users and dealers that have been causing problems recently.

“Those genuine homeless we encounter will be offered support through one of our partner agencies so please don’t give the officers a hard time when you see them doing their job!

“We need your help to address these matters so if you see it, report it. We may need a brief statement from you to help in dealing with these problems longer term since we will be pursuing Criminal Behaviour Orders for some repeat offenders and your evidence could be pivotal in achieving these.

“Thank you for your support,”

Torquay police have published a map showing the area of the town involved.

Photo: Facebook/Torquay Police

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