Police in Torbay reveal what they have been up to this weekend

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Torquay Police have revealed what they have been up to in Torbay this weekend, posting a list of their call outs on social media.

Their call outs included a toddler walking the streets at 3.30am, 6 road traffic collisions and 22 missing people!

A spokesperson for Torquay police explained that they’d posted ‘so people have an idea of the things we get called to’.

Posting on their Facebook page, Torquay police said:

A few things we’ve been called for so far this weekend.

22 missing people (some as young as three years old)
A toddler walking the streets at 3:30am (was found and returned to parents)
The Brixham snake – still looking for the owner!
Over 20 logs relating to violence or threats of violence.
Disorder in Paignton involving the use of a baseball bat.
2 logs relating to possession of knives
30 domestic incidents
6 road traffic collisions
3 burglaries

plus a host of other non-specific logs…

We’ve had 26 people through the custody unit (8 are still with us)
We’ve policed a very busy night time economy (two officers were assaulted for their trouble)
Kept a full calendar of appointments, dealing with less urgent matters at peoples homes or at the police station

It’s important to remember that although some of this sounds quite scary, often the things we get called for aren’t as initially reported. Torbay is still a very safe place to live but we have to respond and treat reports as genuine until we know better. Some of these incidents are extremely time consuming, tying up officers for hours which obviously impacts on our ability to get to other calls but we try to meet our demand as quickly as possible.

Just though we’d put this out there so people have an idea of the things we get called to. Of course, this is just across Torbay, the rest of South Devon is often just as busy and officers can travel all over to get to the people that need our help.

We appreciate your patience and understand when we’re occasionally a little late.

And about that snake…

A snake was handed into police in Brixham and has been housed with a local expert. Police have asked for the owner or anyone who may know who the snake belongs to, to contact them on 101

We hope our local police have had a bit of a quieter day today.

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