Police warn public about council tax phone scam

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2017)

Police in Newton Abbot have warned the public about a phone scam involving council tax.

Posting on their Facebook page, Newton Abbot Police said:

“We have received reports regarding a phone scam involving Council tax. The caller will claim council bandings in your area have been calculated incorrectly and that they can award you a sizable rebate, for a fee. 
“By entering the phone number into an internet search engine you can quickly see comments from others who have also been contacted and defrauded. Please be wary of bogus companies and always do research on them before committing.
“This is yet another scam in a long line of deceptive tactics used by fraudsters. Click to read through ‘the little book of big scams‘.
“Never give out your personal or bank details over the phone, via email or at the door. If in doubt, call the company back using their official number/website or visit your local branch. If you have fallen victim to this or any other scam, please report it to Police on 101 (email 101@dc.police.uk) or www.actionfraud.police.uk,”


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