Police warn public about illegal taxis operating in area

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2017)

Police in Newton Abbot have warned the public about illegal taxis operating in the area.

A spokesperson for Newton Abbot Police said on social media: 

​”We have recently received reports of illegal taxi’s operating in the local area. We would like to remind customers that these drivers are not vetted by the local authority nor are they accredited to convey customers for money. More importantly, they are they not insured. 

“If an illegal Taxi is involved in an accident while a customer is in the vehicle, neither will be eligible for an insurance payout regardless of injuries. The drivers services could also be deemed as fraudulent,”

They added the following to look out for: 

Warning signs can be:-

* No taxi logos/company names on the vehicle

* No local authority license plate

* No Driver ID within the vehicle

* Lower prices’ than competitors/Touting for business

If anyone has information that can help assist police, such as vehicle registrations and activity please call or email on 101 or 101@dc.police.uk


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