Project Rebuild: Making Elsie's house a home again

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(Last Updated On: March 23, 2015)

When Elsie’s home was destroyed by a fire, there was little she could do. At 85 and with no insurance, Elsie had no choice but to leave her home and stay with a friend. Moving back home may have seemed like a distant dream.

Until now.

The community came together and now, 2 weeks on we take a look at whats been happening…

If you are a regular to this site, you will know that the day after the fire, Spotted Torquay put out a shout for help. With the help of Elsie’s close friend Debbie Johnson, a fund was set up and then it snowballed.. The community wanted to help.

Soon a rebuild page was set up on Facebook ran by Debbie Johnson and Steve Daniels. With project manager Christopher Chick joining the team, the rebuild began.

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The fund meanwhile, has grown steadily and currently stands at just over £5000.
As much as local individuals and businesses are joining together and doing as much as possible, money is still required to fund the project because unfortunately not everything can be obtained for free. To go to the GoFundMe page, click here

Also required, urgently, is scaffolding. Without scaffolding work cannot continue as it is needed to remove and then replace the current roof. Tarpaulin is all that currently stands between Elsie’s bungalow and the elements. If you are able to help with scaffolding, please contact the rebuild group:

If you are a member of the rebuild group, you will have heard a lot about cake. Not only are the community pulling together and rebuilding Elsie’s home, they have been busy baking and making sandwiches too.

A real community effort! Something that everyone involved should be proud of.


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