RSPB calls for everyone to join the wildlife-planting revolution

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2022)

Barratt Homes and the RSPB is calling for everyone to join the wildlife-planting revolution after a YouGov survey revealed that three quarters of people are now doing at least something in their garden or outside space to help wildlife.

The survey, commissioned by the RSPB as part of their Nature on Your Doorstep campaign and made possible by Barratt Developments, also revealed the wide range of ways that people are already gardening with wildlife in mind – over two in five (43%) consider how a plant can benefit pollinators when choosing what to grow in their garden, just under a quarter (24%) leave areas of grass to grow long for nature, and nearly half of people feed birds (49%).

Planting for wildlife in gardens and outdoor spaces presents a fantastic opportunity to help struggling wildlife and is also a hugely popular activity. When asked in the survey to choose what one thing they would most like to do in a new empty outdoor space, half of people (50%) chose having more plants, having a wildflower meadow (16%), planting fruit trees (11%), other kinds of trees (6%), shrubs (7%), or space for more flowers (10%).

The survey also showed the potential for even more people to take up action and welcome wildlife into their gardens. Two thirds of respondents want to see local birds (68%) and pollinators (64%) in their local space, two groups of species that are easily attracted by growing wildlife-friendly plants.

Adrian Thomas, the RSPB’s wildlife gardening expert, said: “I’m thrilled to hear how many people are now taking steps to help wildlife in their gardens and outdoor spaces. It feels like a movement is underway in which people are recognising that our gardens can be wonderful, shared spaces for us and for wildlife, to the benefit of all.

“To play your part, the best and easiest place to start is to grow more plants. They provide varied, healthy food sources, and offer shelter and nesting spots. And the lovely thing is that lots of plants that are good for wildlife are also beautiful, colourful and richly scented, making outdoor spaces more welcoming, relaxing, and interesting for all of us to enjoy.”

At its Treledan development near Saltash, Barratt is bringing forward a community that has been designed from the start to deliver a significant boost to nature. This includes bat and bird boxes, planting of new trees and hedgerows, and significant areas of public open space.

Nicki Reid, sales director at Barratt Homes Exeter, said: “We are determined to make Treledan not just a great community to live for our residents, but also a place that gives back to nature. I’m delighted at the features that are being included as we bring forward this landmark development. We are looking forward to seeing Treledan teeming with life as residents move in and the site progresses this summer.

Our relationship with the RSPB is invaluable and we will continue going the extra mile to retain and build up natural habitats at our developments.

For more suggestions, tips, and inspiration on how to give planting a go and join the wildlife-planting revolution visit

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