Second day of 48 hour strike for junior doctors

Message in the sand

Today saw the second part of a 48 hour strike by Junior doctors  over the government proposals to change the terms of their contracts.

Doctors say the new contracts would see them working longer hours for less pay.

There have been 3 strikes in the past three months with another two further 48-hour strikes are also planned on April 8 and April 26.


Torbay Hospital today

Whilst Junior doctors are still providing emergency care during the strike, more than 5,000 non-emergency operations and procedures across England were cancelled.

So what’s the problem? Why are the ‘junior’ (A junior doctor is every doctor up to consultant level) so upset about the proposed contracts?

This sums it up nicely:

Torquay’s ‘sandman’ Geoffrey Ward was out on Torre Abbey Sands with a message:

Message in the sand

Message in the sand


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