Guest Blog: Susie Colley (Independent Candidate)

Susie Colley

Hello – you may recognise me and my two West Highland white terriers from daily long walks around Torre Abbey, Cockington, Broadsands and Meadfoot Beach.

Susie Colley

Susie Colley

But if I am campaigning to represent you, as your Mayor, you’ll want to know what I am really all about.

Firstly, I am not a politician.  I am not a civil servant, I am not a councillor.  I am a businesswoman and a resident of Torbay, just like you.

I am “independent”.  Independent of politics, party and propaganda.

And I believe that’s crucial to Torbay’s wellbeing.  We need someone who makes decisions in Torbay based on their love and commitment to securing the successful future of our area – not someone who wants to further a political aim.

My election principles are: Openness, Accountability and Results.

The Council must be open, honest and transparent in all its dealings.  I want you to know how I am spending your money – and I will show you by publishing the Town Hall accounts.

The Council must be accountable for its actions and decisions – so I plan to create a voluntary panel of industry experts to advise me on matters outside my expertise.

And lastly, I won’t make empty promises now, I can’t be sure of keeping.  But I can make a commitment to creating results once I am Mayor.  It is a privilege, not a right, to run the Town Hall – and it is my responsibility to you to ensure that projects are completed and commitments honoured.

I hope, that standing as an Independent, I represent a breath of fresh air.  Whatever happens in the General Election, I will not be swayed.   I have no party behind me, dictating what I do.  I just have my electorate in front of me, to help inform my decisions in order to achieve the best for Torbay.

I am a Torbay resident.  I want what you want – a better Bay, now and in the future.

Let the politicians argue in Westminster.  In Torbay, let’s work together, for the good of the Bay, and see what we can do.

Susie has a website at  She is on Twitter @SusieForMayor and Facebook /SusieforMayor.  She invites your questions, and promises to answer each one personally.


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