Travellers leave Paignton Green

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2018)

Travellers who had set up site on Paignton Green appear to have left today, Friday 29th June.

The group arrived on Saturday, with a number of caravans and vans parked up on the green, near Paignton beach.

The vans started to leave earlier today, with just one van remaining according to locals.

Torbay Council had visited the site earlier in the week to discuss with the travellers their intentions and to do welfare checks.

On Wednesday, Torbay Council said on Facebook: “Some of you may have noticed the travellers who are currently on Paignton Green. We understand that these encampments can be extremely frustrating for those living in the area, however, we have to follow guidance set by Government and we are doing this as quickly as we can.

“Our officers have visited and discussed their intentions. Welfare checks have been arranged and they have been advised on a code of conduct on issues such as refuse disposal and the permitted use of nearby facilities such as water supplies. An officer to advise on the children’s educations needs has visited the site and a health visitor will be attending today. Following these welfare visits a decision will be made on the next steps which includes going to the County Court to obtain a permission order to remove them from the land.

“This process has strict legislation and guidelines that all local authorities have to follow. Failure by us to follow these means we could be subjected to heavy fines.

“To see the full process we have to go through, and also to report any unauthorised encampments you see, visit

“We would like to reassure everyone that we are trying to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.”

The process can take weeks, it is currently unknown if the travellers left of their own accord or where they have gone.

Updates as information becomes available.

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