Waste firm invests to help the SW fight war on plastics

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(Last Updated On: April 28, 2020)

As the fight against plastic pollution gains more momentum, a South West business has invested £280,000 to bring a state-of-the-art plastic processing machine to the region and help Devon and Cornwall businesses recycle more.

Devon Contract Waste (DCW), a leading South West independent waste management company has installed the next generation plastic recycling machine at its plastics recycling and reprocessing plant, DCW Polymers, in Wrangaton.

The new machinery is capable of processing in excess of 100 tonnes of plastic a week. Prior to the arrival of the new shredding and granulating technology, plastics in the South West, especially bulky plastics, from both commercial and domestic sources had often ended up in landfill as it wasn’t economically viable to separate and transport it to processing sites outside the region mainly due to the transport costs.

DCW Polymers is the only specialist plastics recycling and reprocessing plant south of Bridgwater. This new plastic processing technology can recycle specialist plastics as well as common industrial packaging, turning waste plastics back into plastic granules, which go back into the manufacturing process and reduce the need for virgin plastic products to be manufactured.

DCW can collect items from both businesses and wider communities providing a processing service for bulky plastics such as plastic bins, playground equipment, garden furniture, plastic pallet crates and even larger items such as kayaks and fuel tanks.

With a fleet of 53 modern vehicles, DCW offers an efficient collection service for all types of plastics across the South West.

DCW Managing Director, Simon Almond, said: “We’re all aware there’s a critical plastic pollution problem and will likely have heard the harrowing statistic that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Our new plastic processing technology in Wrangaton brings the capability to the region to advance the fight and help stem the plastic problem by recycling more.

“At DCW our mission is to recycle as much waste as possible, encouraging South West businesses to adopt a sustainable approach to waste management and supporting DCW’s quest to develop a truly circular economy. This latest technology can actively lower the amounts of recyclable material ending up in landfill and contribute towards a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come. With this new machine, we’re able to offer South West businesses and communities even more choice when it comes to what they can recycle.”

DCW Polymers 16,000 square foot processing plant in Wrangaton, is one of three DCW facilities across the South West from which the firm offers commercial waste services in Devon, Cornwall and central Somerset. DCW empties in excess of 16,000 containers every week from over 6,000 businesses across the region and is the first company in the South West to offer a Zero to Landfill solution, meaning that all materials that can be recycled, are. DCW’s Zero to Landfill solution helps support the waste management and recycling industry by providing materials for onward processing, recycling and manufacturing. As well as its Zero to Landfill service for mixed commercial waste, DCW also provides specialist waste management services such as data destruction, chemical and WEEE disposal and site clearances.

For more information about DCW’s services, visit www.dcw.co.uk or call 01392 361 300.

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