White Rock Primary School is now officially a ‘Good’ School

white rock

In just 14 months White Rock Primary School has progressed and transformed from ‘inadequate – special measures’ to a ‘good’ overall school!

After receiving a damming Ofsted report in May 2014 the headteacher, Sarah Tomkinson, and her staff have consistently worked hard to turn the school around and this has been reflected in the latest Ofsted inspection visit which took place at the beginning of July 2015.

Within the highly complementary report Ofsted state that they feel ‘teachers’ relationships with pupils are excellent’ and this is having a knock on effect by ‘inspiring pupils to produce high-quality work.’

Ofsted continues by saying that pupils ‘good behaviour and their positive attitudes to learning permeate all lessons and break times’ and that the headteachers ‘outstanding leadership inspires staff and motivates pupils to do their best’. The reports continues by saying that ‘lessons are well planned to encourage pupils to make rapid progress in their reading and writing’.

The report also highlighted:

·         Pupils feel safe and look out for each other.

·         Parents are delighted with improvements in the school.

·         Governors are focused and influential.

·         Provision in Early Years is vibrant and exciting.

·         Professional development has significantly improved teaching and staff leadership skills.

·         Parents also value the increased engagement with teachers over the progress their children are making.

Sarah Tomkinson, Headteacher said: “We are very pleased with the report and it is a true reflection of what happens in the school on a daily basis. This incredible outcome is as a result of staff, parents, governors and children pulling together to improve outcomes for our children. We are determined that we are going to become an outstanding school over time and we feel that this inspection is a really good signal of the progress that the school has made.”

“White Rock is also going through a building development programme which is seeing a number of our old classrooms being developed into bigger and better learning spaces for our pupils. The first phase of this programme is due to complete shortly and to celebrate the opening of the new classrooms, along with this great Ofsted report, we are holding a Festival of Learning on Saturday 19 September 2015. Pupils, staff, parents and the local community are all welcome to come along and help us celebrate the progress we are making.”

Ofsted has advised the school that to become outstanding it needs to continue to improve its teaching of mathematics and pupil’s learning in the teaching of science and technology along with ensuring work in personal, social, health and citizenship is sufficiently challenging.

For more information on the Festival of Learning visit: www.whiterockprimaryschool.co.uk/festival-of-learning

To see the full Ofsted report visit: www.whiterockprimaryschool.co.uk/school-improvement-journey


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