Woman jailed for Paignton murder

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2019)

A woman was sentenced at Exeter Crown Court yesterday for the murder of an elderly man in Paignton earlier this year.

Faye Burford, 40 of Midvale Road in Paignton pleaded guilty to the murder Peter Flux, 74 also from Midvale Road. Burford was told she would serve 21 years and one month in prison.

Burford lived in seperate flats in the same building as Mr Flux, the court was told how she had befriended Mr Flux often borrowing money from him. On 23rd February, Burford had gone to Mr Flux to borrow more money, during this meeting, he was stabbed numerous times. His body was found on 27th February following reports of a concern for welfare.

Mr Flux’s personal effects had been taken, including his passport and a credit card was taken out using his name. Burford had also stolen money fromusing it to purchase drugs.

The murder weapon and Burfords clothes were found in a nearby bin.

The Major Crime Investigation Team launched a murder enquiry and Burford was arrested on 27 February where she pleaded guilty to the murder, however, stated that Mr Flux had made sexual advances towards her.

Detectives refuted this claim and the case was taken to Exeter Crown Court. Today, the judge rejected Burford’s claim that Mr Flux had made sexual advances towards her.

Detective Chief Inspector Roy Linden, Deputy Head of Major Crime said: “This was an unprovoked attack on a defenceless and elderly victim. Throughout his life, the victim was known for his generosity and kindness, and was both a well-liked and respected member of his community.

“I would like to pay a particular tribute to the victim’s family, who have shown incredible fortitude and understanding during the most tragic of circumstances. I can only hope that this result goes someway to helping them rebuild their lives.”

Mr Flux’s family said: “Peter had his life cruelly and suddenly taken from him in the worst kind of way. The impact of losing him this way has been traumatizing. The violence of his death and what his last moments must have been like for him will haunt us for the rest of our lives.

“Peter was one of a kind, a character, he was unlike anyone else I know. He was kind, very intelligent and creative. He could be flamboyant, and he had a great and unusual sense of humour. Peter was an older man, but he was still full of life and had years of life ahead of him.

“He was a Buddhist and took his faith very seriously. This drew him to vulnerable and perhaps damaged people he wanted to help. He had so much time for people and gave so much time, it is sad that someone took advantage of this side of him.”

Sector Inspector for Paignton Howard Brugge said: “Whilst we recognise that this is a tragic fatal incident, it is very much isolated in its nature. The impact to the local community has fortunately been minimal with reassurance visits and patrols following the incident.”

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