Zoo you looking at? Inquisitive Crane caught on camera

Caught on camera
(Last Updated On: October 30, 2015)

A black crowned crane at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park in Devon caught in an inquisitive moment by volunteer photographer Ray Wiltshire.

The black crowned crane is a species of sub-Saharan swamps and grasslands; it’s the only crane to roost in trees. It is listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN.

Caught on camera

Caught on camera

Paignton Zoo is home to five black crowned cranes, including a breeding pair and their three offspring from 2013 and 2014. The youngsters share a paddock with two young grey crowned cranes to help socialise them as they mature. There is a European Stud Book for the species. Paignton Zoo Environmental Park is a registered charity. For more information go to www.paigntonzoo.org.uk or ring 01803 697500.


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