£4000 needed to make Torbay Armed Forces Day event happen

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2019)

Torbay Council say they are looking into ways of making the Armed Forces Day event happen following news that it had been cancelled due to budget cuts.
£4,000 needs to be raised for additional resources to support the event. The council have asked businesses, individuals and organisations to contact them if they are able to help raise funds.

The event had been planned for Sunday, 23rd June at Paignton Rugby and Cricket Club. The event in no longer showing on Torbay Council’s website.

A post on social media by former Royal Engineer Mel Mort said on Facebook had over 250 shares on Monday: “Total disrespect from Torbay Council! All veterans deserve respect, not thrown in the gutter!!! A post put on a friends fb today. Absolutely disgraceful Torbay Council! ?? Torbay council should be ashamed of themselves. Quietly cancelling armed forces day in torbay. I for one will not be quiet. This is unacceptable to me, I hope the people of torbay will share this post and email their council as I have,”

Torbay Council said on Facebook today: “We have undertaken lengthy discussions with our partners regarding Armed Forces Day 2019 and, with the Council’s event budget being cut, it was agreed that we were unable to meet the funding requirements and do an event of this stature justice, as we have in previous years.

“We recognise the significant importance of this event which honours Armed Service personnel both serving and veterans. With this in mind, we are looking into alternative ways of supporting the event and are committed to making it happen. Torbay Council has agreed to provide resources, such as staffing, to support the event and there are also possible options around venues. However, with cuts in funding, it would be necessary to raise £4,000 for additional resources to support the event this year. If you feel as an individual, business or community organisation you would like to help, you are invited to help raise funds, please email events@torbay.gov.uk,”

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