A Place for Charities, Volunteers and People Seeking Support to Come Together in Devon

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(Last Updated On: April 13, 2020)

In light of recent events, there has never been a more crucial time for people and communities to join together to either find or offer vital help and support to those affected.

Recovery Devon and award-winning, Devon-based, digital enterprise If Everyone Cares CIC is proud to announce the collaborative launch of 7 Devon area-based community maps. They are part of a planned network of community maps that are connected to aDoddle.org, a unique national community resource for use at both a UK-wide and local level.

What is aDoddle?

Ever looked for a restaurant or hotel on Google Maps? It’s usually a quick and easy search.

However, when it comes to searching for help and support, finding the right service can be a very stressful, complicated process for those in seeking it, with too many clicks to get to information and often discovering information is out of date.

aDoddle’s aim is to change that and in 2016 it was named on the UK’s Digital Leaders 100 List for potential social impact.

This project is the brainchild of founder Jaki King, who has dedicated the last 10 years to three crucial areas; People, Connected Communities & Change.

Both aDoddle.org and All Connected Area-Based Community Maps will help:

Pin-point local charities, community projects/groups & resources.
Connect those who need help to those who provide it.
Help anyone experiencing isolation to find local groups so they can connect with others.
Signpost people who want to help – to projects that need their support.
Enable charities to highlight their services and volunteering opportunities.
Make it ‘aDoddle’ to find, connect, give, collaborate and support – FREE to use 24/7.

The maps also clearly show how up-to-date information is through their unique ‘Traffic Light’ system.

Imagine having a simple way to find help at a time of crisis (or in time to avoid a crisis), to give support through volunteering or locating places to connect with others – building stronger, more connected and resilient communities. That is the aim of aDoddle.org.

James Wooldridge from Recovery Devon says “Recovery Devon is a community organisation that both promotes and supports opportunities for mental health recovery across Devon.

One of our aims is to nurture and grow a supportive Recovery Community across Devon and working with Jaki King and aDoddle provides a way to connect with like-minded groups and organisations.

Linking people with community resources will help many individuals discover their potential to contribute to society as well as providing community organisations with an opportunity to recruit volunteers.

We see aDoddle as a community map with social aims similar to our own. aDoddle brings people and organisations together and we are more than happy to partner with Jaki as the Devon maps take shape.”

‘We now need YOUR HELP to raise awareness and encourage charities & community organisations to create a free profile. Our research has shown that there are 5 key things that people who are searching for help, wanting to volunteer, or wanting to support local charities & organisations, want to know: Who they help – How they help – The difference they make – The help they need – How to contact them so they can either access help, donate or volunteer.’

You can see a two minute video showing how easy it is to create a profile – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC-lLtgORLM

Jaki King, Founder of aDoddle and award-winning social enterprise If Everyone Cares CIC (IEC) commented:

“There are so many reasons why bringing this information together is both common sense and vital for people and communities. To make it work we not only need support from businesses, through sponsorship, but also from charities and community organisations themselves. We need them to take the time to add their details to the map, to tell the story of who they help, how they help, the difference they make and the help they need. It’s free and for smaller organisations that don’t have an existing web-presence it can act as a website that helps to raise awareness of who they help and what help they need. There are so many benefits. The maps have been developed by a small group of volunteers, a tiny budget and every single element of them is based on research and feedback. Please be aware the maps are still in their infancy, and at present only hold limited information as all charities and organisations add their own profile, giving them full control of what they share. Their development is a work in progress and they are designed to be improved as we gather & listen to feedback. Our aim is for Community Maps to continually react to user, community and cross county need. Connecting Communities – One Click at a Time”

You can join us on our social media pages, follow us on Facebook or Twitter and keep up to date with whats going on in South Devon.

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