Author: Thomas Guy

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Homeless at Christmas

Most of us will be looking forward to a traditional Christmas this year: Carols, turkey, presents, a tree, and so on. But not everyone will be able to enjoy the festive season in this way. On the Frid…

Guest Blogs

Guest Blog: Emotional Politics

Once, when I was a teenager delivering newspapers in Dartmouth, a woman whose paper I delivered invited me into her house and offered me paid employment: Would I deliver a bundle of leaflets for her p…

Guest Blogs

Guest blog: Life After Brexit

For a while there, it looked as though Brexit might actually be done and dusted. Boris Johnson’s deal was agreed on by Parliament – in principal, at least – and an optimist might have concluded that i…

Guest Blogs

Guest blog: Our Daily Bread

On a chilly Saturday in mid-October, I walked into town to visit the Dartmouth Food Festival. The town was packed with people. I walked past stalls selling venison, seafood, flavoured vodka, and a who…

Guest Blogs

Guest blog: Common Decency

Everywhere I go, I see people behaving decently towards one another. Maybe this is one of the perks of living in a relatively small rural/coastal community, and this prevents me from saying with any c…

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Portrait of a Small Town

“The beautiful town of Dartmouth situated on the mouth of the River Dart is one of South Devon’s most popular and enchanting towns.” So says the ‘Visit South Devon’ website [1]. “With its charming his…