Guest blog: Struggling to get life back after amputation

James 2
(Last Updated On: April 25, 2019)

My Name is James Lyon, I am a right-sided arm and leg amputee.

I have had cerebral palsy since birth and have always struggled but it has deteriorated in the last 2 years drastically after a failed rebuild of my leg, So I had to have it amputated.

I have a basic prosthetic limb, l can wear for a limited time before it becomes uncomfortable and have to revert back to my wheelchair. I am only able to walk short distances in my current limb, and unable to go up even the smallest incline without the right components.

I live in Devon and surrounding by inclines even in towns so I am struggling to get out and about. I wish to live a more active life as I am only 46, married with 3 children and wish to do normal everyday activities with my wife and children – To go on days out and go away, to go and see friends and stay over. To walk my dogs. Just to go for a walk would be lovely.

I want to lead a more active lifestyle, not be stuck indoors every day. I want to be able to go back to work and support my family and to even play a sport as I used to play football and loved the feeling of being part of something.

This is why I am crowdfunding to provide myself with a better more active life to feel part of the human race instead of sat around rotting. I hope to raise enough money so I can purchase a better agility leg and articulating foot so I can get out and about and live a normal more active life.

This is the link to my JustGiving page :

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