Launch of Torbay's Story and Champions

(Last Updated On: March 16, 2022)

Do you live or work in Torbay? Are you passionate about the Bay and want to improve the area for everyone?

Torbay is an outstanding place to live, work and visit and you could be part of raising its profile.

Over the past year a forward looking, positive and compelling story of Torbay has been developed by a partnership of enthusiastic Torbay organisations and businesses. The Torbay Together Partnership have been speaking with partners, businesses and residents from across the Bay to understand what makes Torbay and it’s three towns of Brixham, Paignton and Torquay unique.

Whilst a magnet for tourists, the beautiful Tor Bay and its stunning natural environment also hosts hi tech businesses and a vibrant arts and cultural scene. This all fits together amongst its incredible coastline and countryside.

The Torbay Together Partnership want to:

Put Torbay on the map.Highlight the great things about the area and talk about the opportunities that are on offer.Attract investment, inspire future generations, create jobs and attract funding from Government.

Jim Parker, the Chair of the newly formed Torbay Place Leadership Board, said: “This is a fresh new approach for Torbay and something we can all work together on by promoting and telling everyone about what our beautiful Bay has to offer. Everyone, not just those from the prominent organisations and businesses, have an important role in this. Working together to build on the successes, the Partnership knows the need for us to look outwards and think bigger as we seek to bring prosperity for all those who live and work here.

“This journey started a year ago, and along the way the partnership has listened to what people think about our place, the good and the bad. What has come out of this is a shared story that highlights Torbay’s distinctiveness and character. We now have a clear, forward looking and vitally shared story for Torbay and each of the towns that will provide focus for the Bay’s development and promotion.”

A Torbay Champion programme has just been launched by the Partnership and they are now looking for businesses, organisations and residents who want to learn more about what the Bay has to offer, and then help to promote it.

Jim Parker continues: “We are going to build our own Champions group for Torbay. Bringing businesses, education, the public sector, the community and third sector, indeed all organisations together to really put Torbay on the map. You know what an amazing story we have to tell, and we have such a lot to be proud of. But we all need to talk the place up, celebrate our successes. Together we need to act as Champions for Torbay and get our story out there.”

Regular Champions meetings will be taking place throughout the year. At these meetings Champions will be able to hear about new initiatives, developments and success stories from the people that are making them happen. Alongside this you will be able to create relationships that will benefit you and Torbay, influence and learn about the place, act as a spokesperson for it and to develop initiatives with each other.

The first Torbay Champions event is taking place on Thursday 24 March 2022 from 5.30 pm at the Hi Tech and Digital Centre at South Devon College, Paignton. To secure your spot register at:

To find out more about Torbay’s Story, take a look at its story book and to view the online launch visit:

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